Stylish Eyewear Frames


When you are searching for the best stylish eyewear frames for 2022, Mint Eyewear should be on the top of your list. We have many affordable frames across our stylish eyewear range. Our Mint Magnetics are great all year round with their stylish, magnetic clips that easily change your frames. Prescription sunglasses are no longer needed as you can simply add our sunglass clip to your existing frame.  Anti-glare or mirrored clips are also available on many frames to suit your needs.  Every Mint Magnetics frame comes with 2 clips that are so easy to swap out.  


We Do Stylish Eyewear

Mint Eyewear is an independent distributor of new, exciting, high quality and stylish eyewear. We are based in Scotland, just outside Glasgow, but we don’t share the shortbread, tartan and deep fried Mars Bar attitude. International in our outlook, brands, styles, and collections we deliver.

Our Markets

Our main markets are the UK and Ireland and our aim is to deliver your product when you need it, not when it suits us.

Our Brands

We currently have four brands – Angelite, Imperial Collection, Mint Collection, and Mint Magnetics. Each has a distinct look and feel, ranging from contemporary and edgy through to classic and stylish.

Established in 2009

Customer focused rather than production driven. Prioritising customer service is easy to say, harder to deliver – we deliver!

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4Stylish Ranges
90different models




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